Laurel Way is a design house that was founded in 2016 as an outlet to express myself creatively. We produce high quality clothing with unique and nostalgic designs that I always wanted to wear but couldn’t necessarily find elsewhere.

It was named after the street I grew up on because my home always felt like a safe space for me to be myself. We hope to radiate that welcoming and comfortable, feel-good energy to the world every step of the way.

Laurel Way is on a mission to build a community in which everyone feels welcome and anyone can call home.

Welcome Home.

After years of education and hands-on work experience in the fashion industry and never ending self-taught practice, I’ve expanded my skill-set across all avenues, continue experimenting with new techniques, styles, and genres, and Laurel Way has continued to evolve into a community-focused brand and calling that feels like much more than a creative outlet.

We aim to design clothing that makes people feel good. Whether it be through the calm yet vibrant color schemes, or the flattering and comfortable fitting garments, we are very intentional in how everything is put together.

Laurel Way is an effort to bring my ideas, life experiences, wins, losses, and highs and lows that make up my story to life as vividly as possible. What I’ve found is that we all may feel unique, but often are dealing with similar things, and my vision is that we can all start to see a little bit of ourselves in other people’s journeys.

Pieces are inspired by my personal style, vintage clothing, and high fashion.

From here, I plan to release more cut/sew pieces that reflect my design style, vision for the brand, and continuous inspiration.

In addition to our mainline, we take on partnerships with brands and companies who are aligned with our mission of belonging. We treat their merchandise line with the same love and attention as we do our own.

From ideation to design to manufacturing, and finally post-production photography, we provide our partners with the full package solution to tell their story through fashion and design. In a highly fractured digital world, we believe we can create greater connection through a medium you can actually touch and feel!

Thank you for being here,

Dylan Shoosh